Womens Top Shopping Tips


It’s not like this is your first rodeo. You know you need some new tops to wear out on your weekend camping adventure. Now what’s left is what kind of top are you in the market for? The right top will help you get the most out of any outdoor activity by protecting you, keeping you cool, warm and or dry. How much and what combo is another question. What Woman doesn’t like to mix and match? Here is your opportunity and it’s all in the name of function.


Types of Womens Tops


Layering Tops – Most Mid Layers, you will find are designed to keep you warm and comfortable without adding a lot of extra weight. Think of this as your “Comfort” layer. It’s relatively a basic later that can easily be your only layer worn on cool or even nice weather outings. Some common Mid Layer fabrics are Nylon, fleece and cotton. You want this layer to be insulating, but also having the ability to wick moisture is great. These tops should fit loosely, but not so loose that they do not make contact with your base layer.


T-Shirts & Tanks – Comfort and cool (in both ways). Flatlock stitching to decrease chafing, ultraviolet protection, support, quick drying, stretch fabric, gusseted underarms, moisture wicking, the list goes on. For such a simple category of tops, it’s easy to see how under-appreciated it is, what with the amount of specs that make them all the more appealing.


Shirts – Short sleeves, long sleeves, button downs, polos, knits, ¼ zips and polyester are all included in this refinement. Not to mention, did you know there are actually shirts crafted with Bug Shield properties? Who would have guessed? Comfort is not lost here, as you will find 4-Way stretch, Omni-Wicking, built in vents, mesh lined and UV protection.


Hoodies & Sweatshirts – Here you will find pullovers, full zip and ½ zip Sweatshirts. If you add a hood on top of the pullovers, bam, you have a hoodie. You can wear these for 3 seasons or 2 comfortably. Some are cut so they are quite athletic fitting as well, for those of you who stray away because you think hoodies transform your body into a square. These are also cut for a longer hip length in some styles as well as have moisture wicking properties.


Vests – Heated vests? Yes, you will find those here. Electro Amp Core designed to heat throughout the entire vest, shields protecting from wear, zipped pockets, brushed lining or goose down. If it heats your body all the way to your core that is the kind of vest you want to be wearing.


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