Womens Jacket Shopping Tips


You want to find a jacket that is not only comfortable and a great barrier from elements, but admit it, looking good is never a bad thing either. Regardless if you need a simple fleece for a fall walk or a light shell to add an additional layer between what keeps you warm and a bit of wind, you can find that here. Breathable, lightweight and function are key factors anyone should consider while choosing a jacket. Here we’ll help you find tune your search so that you will locate your new jacket with ease.


Types of Womens Jackets


There are many different types of jackets to fit whatever activity you’re involved in or whatever climate you call your home away from home. But, since we are looking at a more specific area of outdoor and leisure activities, you will find a slightly more manageable list to navigate. What that means is you won’t find subzero built jackets here. You will, however, find some nice layering essentials to complete your wardrobe.


Soft Shell Jackets


You will find that Soft shell Womens jackets are usually very much wind-resistant and slightly warmer than a waterproof hard shell. The reason for this is because soft shell jackets typically have some kind of air trapping weave to add insulation. An added bonus with most Womens Soft Shell jackets is that they are constructed with Wick evaporation technology to help keep you dry as well. They are not as warm as their counterpart, fleece. (You will learn more about those jackets soon) Most Soft shells are not waterproof, but there are some that are made with a waterproof and breathable stretch face fabric. To know the difference, look for a laminate on the fabric and taped seams. That’s how you will know if a Soft Shell is likely to be waterproof or not.


Fleece Jackets


When fleece jackets were first introduced to the outdoor community, they were the beginning of a revolution for many reasons. Wool, layer upon layer, these were the only things we knew and were not cute at all. While fleece is not wind resistant or waterproof, it does dry rather quickly. Fleece is constantly being upgraded, as the world has spoken and this fabric has become increasingly popular with time, which only means evolution. Since they are lightweight, they have the ability to be packed down to take up a very small space if necessary. Special perks that are included in this fuzzy genius of a jacket are cinch cords to get up close and personal, reinforced shoulders and elbows, not to mention many have venting features, as warm is nice, but too warm is not.


What are waterproof ratings?


0mm to 1000mm = Water resistant, not waterproof.

1000mm to 5000mm = Waterproof, without added pressure.

5000mm to 15000mm= Waterproof, as long as you don't try to swim in it.

15000mm to 30000mm= Very very waterproof.

+35000mm= Rubber kind of waterproof. More than likely not in your hiking wardrobe.


What is a breathability rating?


Breathability is measured in the number of grams of water vapor that can pass through a square meter of fabric over the course of 24 hours. It is the rain that falls on your skin, which heats you up to the point of sweat and in return turns into water vapor traveling away from your skin. The higher the breathability rating the more these water vapors will be able to leave your jacket.

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