Types of Womens Footwear


You have the perfect gear for heading outside for your fun in the sun, rain or snow. Hey, different strokes for different folks, right? Why not make sure you have the perfect footwear to finish your ensemble? Are you heading over slick rocks, rough rocks, or snow? Or perhaps you just want something to slip into while you take your dog to the park.


Hiking Boots


You want a high quality, warm and above all, comfortable boot that you can wear any season, right? Fitted with Gore-Tex technology, you will find boots that are warm and will keep you dry with their waterproof and breathable membranes. Low or Mid cut and an abrasion protective toe and heel caps with an all around impact absorbing foundation, are likely to be found in this section.


Trail Shoes


Fitted with the athletic in mind, keeping you going with agility and speed are found in these shoes. If you find yourself heading over the opposite of smooth grounds, the EVA molded and TRU Plates with Vasque OTG Outsoles will come in handy.


Athletic Shoes


Vibram FiveFingers are the stars of this category and you will soon love them if you don’t already. Side note, the correct pronunciation is Vee-Brum. Also note, these are washable, just you air dry them. Not so easy to do with your clunker boots, is it?


Water Shoes


If you spend your weekends in a kayak, it’s best that you know a thing or two about Water Shoes. With special formulated soles, these shoes will protect your feet from rocks or shells and still have the ability to dry incredibly fast with no more soggy feet. Not to mention you will still have terrific traction still.




Lightweight, casual and quite flexible while remaining stylish. Comfort is not forgotten with these simple designs as well. You are likely to find a few Vegan and Vegetarian options in the mix, too. Even if you are into a sandal that covers more of your foot, you will still find options that have mesh and wicking properties as well.


Flip Flops


The new age “Thongs” constructed of a flat sole connected to a Y-shaped strap that starts in-between your big toe and index toe, then crosses over the top of your feet on both sides to connect back to the sole. Flip Flops have a simple construction idea that has been reinforced and evolved for new days for more than just wearing Flip Flops to the beach. These will easily your favorite summer Footwear.


Casual Shoes


This category is just that, pure casual. Looking like your typical boat footwear, these are usually just slip-on with a strap or not. Included in this selection are Vegan and Vegetarian shoe options as well.




The correct fit in a sock can mean the world when it comes to Footwear. You will find socks in light, medium and heavy weights. You will want to find a sock that works with the boot or shoe that you will be wearing. Common sense to some, but if you have ever had a blister come up mid hike, you know exactly how important it is. You want a fit that is snug, but not tight or too loose.


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