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Types of Womens Dresses & Skirts


Traveling light with a dress or skirt that is versatile is likely to be one of your favorite lounging items of your trip. Lightweight cotton, Polyester / Spandex and nylon mix fabrics are the typical in this selection. You are likely to see anything from a swim cover up to a halter dress from The North Face. We know that your first thought when getting ready to go out on that hike might easily be to grab some nice shorts or long pants. But, why not slip into a comfortable skirt or dress? They have their own properties for sun protection and are light and are easily packed down for small travel spaces. Also, if it’s ridiculously hot out, sometimes a skirt just feels better than a pair of shorts. Sometimes, you just want to look pretty while wearing something totally functional. Ball it up in your backpack, take it out for your morning walk to get breakfast or throw it on after you have gone swimming. Our selection is ever growing, so be sure to take a look periodically to see what’s new in the world of outdoors fashion for Women.




Do you want an athletic fit dress? How about cool and loose fitting? We have something for either of your styles. Even if you say you don’t care about the fashion aspect, you are all about the comfort. You know you want wicking material that won’t rub you the wrong way. Are you looking for a sweet deep v-neck? How about adjustable straps or a halter top? You won’t sacrifice feeling confident on your way to and from your activities. Feeling confident will keep you out doing what you love best for as long as you want, not just for as long as you can stand it.




I know you’ve seen those “hiking kilts” out there being used by Men and you may have thought, “What kind of guy would wear a kilt hiking?” Duh! Why do Women wear skirts hiking? Because it just feels better and outside of wearing some boy shorts, on a hot day, wearing a skirt is really more comfortable. Yes, there well may be exceptions to your skirt wearing while on an outdoors excursion, but why not have it in your closet just in case? You’ll find that just in case becomes more and more frequent. You will find that you receive just enough coverage while giving you an incredible ease of movement and without saying it, the ventilation…well, you know why.


Need to wash them quick while out? Just run them through a stream and hang to dry. Or if you’re not quite that extreme, what’s one more skirt to pack if it takes up 5 oz. in your pack?


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