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Camping Water Bottle Shopping Tips - It takes 1.5 million barrels of oil to manufacture a one year supply of water bottles; to reduce the impact of plastic water bottles on the environment we highly recommend purchasing an aluminum water bottle. An aluminum water bottle is reusable and will really help keep your water cold. The inner liner of these aluminum water bottles are non toxic, BPA free and will not cause any funky taste to your beverage...Read More


Why to Choose an Aluminum Water Bottle

Environmentally Friendly- As we mentioned above plastic water bottles are absolutely detrimental to the Earth but aluminum water bottles last a long time and will keep you away from the plastic. Although aluminum water bottles are a bit more expensive than a plastic water bottle they will pay for themselves in a matter of time and will pay off in peace of mind immediately.

Lightweight and Durable- Although slightly heavier than plastic, aluminum bottles are still quite light and offer a very durable finish. You should try not to drop your aluminum camping water bottle from a high level but they will take normal wear and tear nicely.

Cool and Neutral Water- Keep your water tasting like water while keeping it at a cool temperature great for drinking. You will be avoiding the nasty toxins found in plastic water bottles as well. Bisphenol A (BPA) which is a chemical found in plastic water bottles can affect the body’s hormone messaging so not having this in aluminum bottles is a definite plus.

There are many more reasons to get an aluminum water bottle from the simple trend factor of having something eco friendly to the long life of the bottles.

What not to do With an Aluminum Camping Water Bottle

No Boiling or Freezing Liquids- The best liquid for an aluminum water bottle is something warm, cool or cold but not freezing or boiling. Putting boiling water into your aluminum water bottle can cause issue with the bottles interior. Freezing your water bottle can cause cracks in the structure. The best you can do with an aluminum water bottle is to keep the liquids at a decent temperature of not too hot or cold.

Dishwasher- Although the dishwasher will not ruin your aluminum water bottle after 1 run through we don’t recommend extended exposure. It’s best to hand wash your aluminum water bottle. Specialty cleaning brushes can be found in the this section as well.

As you can see there are plenty of reasons to go with an aluminum water bottle and ditch the plastic. Keep your conscious clean and the environment cleaner by picking up a new aluminum camping water bottle today.

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