The North Face Sleeping Bags

The North Face brand is synonymous with quality outdoor gear and has been a top name in the industry for years. The North Face sleeping bags are one of many products made by the company, and offer quality design and performance for those looking for a comfortable and warm sleeping bag for camping or backpacking. You can find top quality North Face sleeping bags for general camping, backpacking, and for men, women, kids and double sleeping bags for couple’s comfort. There are many styles of sleeping bags from North Face so no matter your need, there is a sleeping bag perfect for you...Read More


When shopping North Face sleeping bags you will notice varying features, insulation types, temperature ratings and more. understanding a bit more about these features will ensure you get the exact sleeping bag you need based on your situation.

North Face sleeping bag temperature ratings can rate as low as 15 degrees to as high as 40 degrees. The temperature rating gives the temperature that the sleeping bag is rated to endure at the lowest number. For example if a North Face sleeping bag is rated at 30 degrees, it means that the sleeping bag will be comfortable for users at temperatures 30 degrees or higher. Buy a sleeping bag with a temperature rating as close to the weather you will be camping in the majority of the time and if you camp in multiple seasons it will be best to purchase multiple sleeping bags.

Another big difference in North Face sleeping bags is their availability for men, women and kids. Having different genders available ensures you get the best fit based on your gender. Men’s and women’s sleeping bags differ in shape and size, women’s North Face sleeping bags will be shorter and narrower in the shoulders, wider in the hips and will offer extra insulation in the upper body and footbox. Men’s, women’s and kids North Face sleeping bags are specifically engineered to fit the specific body types they are intended for giving a fit that you will love.

For those looking for a specific fit, there are sizes of North Face sleeping bags including regular, long or extra long. These sizes will give people of different heights the ability to choose a sleeping bag that will fit them well. North Face sleeping bags are available in 3 lengths; regular, long and extra long. Regular length will accommodate a person’s height of 6 ft, long will accommodate 6 ft 6 in and extra long will accommodate up to 7 ft.

It’s easy to narrow your selection of North Face sleeping bags when shopping on by using the refinements. The shopping refinements are found on the left side of the page and include such things as price,. gender, temperature rating, shape, size and more. By choosing a refinement you will refresh the page and the selection of sleeping bags shown to you. So, for example, by choosing “womens” in the gender refinement you will see the page refresh and you will be shown only women’s North Face sleeping bags. You can also use multiple refinements, simply wait for your first refinement to refresh the page and make another refinement selection.

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