North Face Tents

The North Face tents have been known for their top quality designs and craftsmanship for many years. On you will find a great selection of North Face tents for backpacking and family camping, from 2 person designs and up to 4-6 person designs. With so many styles, sizes and features available you can easily find the perfect tent for your next camping excursion. The North Face has been a very big factor in the betterment of tents for all occasions starting with a new design to outperform the traditional a-frame shape of yesteryears...Read More


Being toted as the revolutionary brand in tent design, The North Face unveiled their Oval Intention geodesic design in 1975. This was the first tent of its kind and left the traditional a-frame design in the dust as far as performance and comfort was concerned. North Face designers Mark Erickson and Bruce Hamilton were able to get the most aerodynamic shape and maximum efficiency using the minimum amount of materials. The new North Face tent design is now the norm in the industry and has protected countless camping enthusiasts from the worlds worst weather.

You will find family camping and backcountry style tents from North Face, making it easy to find exactly the tent you need for the type of camping you plan on doing. Family camping style North Face tents are going to be larger and offer more room for more occupants. Backpacking style North Face tents are going to offer a minimalistic design making them lightweight and easy to pack for backpacking trips where space is at a premium.

Another great way to determine what type of North Face tent is going to be best for you is figuring out how many occupants you will have in the tent. Many tents will have the capacity right in the title, for example the North Face Talus 4 tent is going to be best suited for a maximum capacity of 4 people. You can always fit less people into a tent based on capacity but shouldn’t expect to comfortably fit more than the intended capacity of the tent.

When shopping The North Face tents on you can easily narrow your search to find exactly what you’re looking for by using the left side refinements. You will notice refinement boxes on the left side of the page which include such things as price, type, capacity, weight, color and more. By choosing a feature in one of the refinements you will see the page refresh in front of you giving you a new page featuring only North Face tents that fit what you’re looking for. You can also use multiple refinements at once, simply make your first selection and when the page refreshes you can make a second refinement selection.

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