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Was easy, and after shopping at brick & mortar stores price was easily $150+ cheaper

- Beth | 2/19/2018

Very good experience with this site so far.

- Aly | 2/19/2018

This particular transaction was quick, easy and painless. The website was layed out in a matter that it was easy to find what I was looking for. There were plenty of comments pertaining to my items which helped narrow down the field quickly.

- Jfay | 2/19/2018

Fully satisfied. What I wanted was readily available.

- Benjamin | 2/18/2018

Clean, easily navigable interface. Quick checkout process. Wish I could find user reviews more easily, but I only did quick views of products.

- Julia | 2/7/2018

Very happy with the items of clothing we bought at a great value. Will be back again.

- Peter | 9/4/2017

I bought this board online, and arranged to pick it up at one of the Local Summit Sports Stores. The staff helped me unpackage it and load it onto my roof rack. They also gave me a lot of useful tips I wouldn't have known about care and maintenance of a fiberglass board. Once I got it in the water I was in love, and my wife and kids love it too. You can paddle hard and zip across the water, or just cruise at a leisurely pace. It is also lightweight, and doesn't feel like it is 11.5 feet. It just glides across the water and feels comfortable and agile. I can't wait to take it onto the great lakes to try it in the surf! You can't go wrong with Summit Sports either, knowledge and customer service are top notch.

- Gary | 7/25/2017

Great company to buy from. Everything was as promised. Great Jacket!

- Jonas J | 1/30/2017

I had a great experience start to finish! I called and requested a specific color for the kayak I wanted(desert camo) I received a call 2 days later to let me know that it had been delivered to the store and I could come pick it up. The lure 10 is the most rediculous stable kayak!! Tracks great and is light enough to car top with one guy. Thank you guys for being so professional and friendly, I will be back for my accessories!

- Chris | Mi | 7/28/2016

I purchased my Hobie Rectangular Hatch to make a major upgrade on my 2016 Hobie Outback and this is a must for anyone wanting to get more storage out of their boat. Yes you will be doing some cutting on the hull so measure twice, cut once is crucial. It does mock up perfect and allows you to store two plano tackle boxes within arms reach for extra gear. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to get the most out of their boat. Yes it is pricey for a hatch (Expensive at any store) but the benefits you gain from this is worth it.

- Corbin | Central, Mi | 7/18/2016

Talk about fast delivery, only 2 days and I had them on my feet. Like the website says they are a great fit. I was worried about ordering online but I'm a happy girl. Ordering my husbands tonight.

- Jodi Lamb | South Easy, Tx | 7/6/2016

Great experience!

- Peter M. | Somerville, MA | 6/16/2015

I like the Informational videos an that the prices were just under amazon's!

- Karl P. | Orlando, FL | 6/15/2015

Great site will buy again

- Cesar S. | Hialeah, FL | 6/12/2015

Great, efficient experience.

- Tracie C. | Spring, TX | 6/6/2015

Excellent experience!

- Thomas B. | Richardson, TX | 6/2/2015

Love it. Happy to not pay shipping!

- Genevieve B. | Syracuse, NY | 5/28/2015

Nice and quick shopping.

- David B. | Tolleson, AZ | 5/25/2015

Awesome sauce.

- Erin A. | Fayetteville, AR | 5/23/2015

This was an easy purchase with very reasonable prices.

- Dara C. | Leeds, AL | 5/22/2015

Love your store.

- Lisa P. | Polk City, FL | 5/21/2015

Great customer service.

- Santiago E. | Doral, FL | 5/15/2015

Great first experience. The $25 gift just begs me to come back and shop more.

- Craig I. | Tamarac, FL | 5/6/2015

Easy to use website, was able to order from my cell phone Thank you!!!!

- Dylan W. | Ithaca, NY | 5/3/2015

Love it!

- Sarah F. | Grottoes, VA | 5/1/2015

Good website nice information good videos

- Brian W. | St. Petersburg, F | 6/19/2015

Great customer service and product

- Beth K. | Buffalo Lake, MN | 6/12/2015

They helped me pick the right skates for me. Ty very much.

- Tonya B. | North Vernon, IN | 6/11/2015

Great experience, calls handled quickly and politely. Well designed site.

- Richard S. | Huntington Beach, CA | 6/8/2015

This site was awesome to work with. I can't wait for my skates to get here!!!!

- Victor S. | King of Prussia, PA | 6/7/2015

Easy to navigate, and I appreciated the specs/stats diagrams for determining the best fit skate for my usage.

- Joe G. | Poughquag, NY | 6/4/2015

I love how we are able to compare different skates at the same time- If we have any question there is the option of speaking to someone on live chat- They offer the lowest prices on their skates [from my research]- There are many inline skates options to choose from- Very helpful videos uploaded on the site explaining the various skates.

- Fergie M | Miami, FL | 5/30/2015

I have been 'speaking' with Dru via the live chat; to help complete my order. He has been very helpful, fast, and efficient!

- Courtney H. | Rochester, MN | 5/20/2015

Great site!

- Carl P. | Albany, GA | 5/6/2015

Great purchase. Great price for a high quality item.

- Philip V. | Gorham, ME | 5/4/2015

Very happy with the price and free shipping for my new product!

- Coral B. | Eau Claire, WI | 4/21/2015

Easy ordering. Surprising fast delivery. Great experience.

- John K. | Milwaukee, WI | 4/6/2015

Easy ordering. Surprising fast delivery. Great experience.

- John K. | Milwaukee, WI | 4/6/2015

This was the lowest price I've seen on the market!! Awesome experience.

- Ashlie S. | Elizabeth, PA | 3/30/2015

Great website - easy to maneuver and to purchase!

- Laurie K. | Littleton, CO | 2/3/2015

Fantastic customer service. Shared website with friends.

- Holly S. | Golden, CO | 1/25/2015

Great experience, great product, will shop here again.

- Kim V. | Chargrin Falls, OH | 1/22/2015

Excellent Website/choices/beautiful colorful pictures of each item; very functional website, accepts coupons, answers questions quickly, great prices/products - they do exactly what they say they are going to do.

- Stephen B. | Chesterfield, MO | 1/22/2015

Great prices and good variety of products. Will come back for more, absolutely!

- Val Y. | Makawao, HI | 1/21/2015

Great selection, excellent prices.

- Edward M. | GLenwood Springs, CO | 1/20/2015

I talked with Adam and Chris on the phone prior to placing this order--Both were VERY helpful!!

- Ross B. | Geneva, IL | 1/20/2015

Had an excellent online experience thanks to a live chat with Dru. Was able to physically verify the availability of my product and ensure it would be shipped promptly. Best customer service I've received in an online transaction in a long time...kudos!

- Matt W. | Alanson, MI | 1/19/2015

Great Place to shop. Best Prices around!

- Erica G. | Reisterstown, MD | 1/13/2015

Great experience and selection! Love the sizing scale so you can sort by cut of pant!

- Heather H. | Wilton, CT | 1/9/2015

Amazing on-line site, ease of ordering and fabulous customer service when needed! Great product selection!

- Nona S. | Joshua Tree, CA | 1/5/2015

Great experience. Wonderful company in supporting diversity. This is the second purchase made in less than a month. Very pleased so far.

- Helen B. | Council Bluffs, IA | 1/3/2015

Fast shipping and good prices.

- Chuck R. | Rockford, MN | 12/31/2014

Really enjoyed the variety of information presented by the website about the product's performance features, materials ratings, and other relevant resources such as buying guides. It made the decision process easier. The great prices also helped along with the variety of product selections as well.

- Zuong T. | San Jose, CA | 12/31/2014

Excellent selection good prices and fast shipping

- Wayne W. | Makawao, HI | 12/31/2014

Great shopping experience. Returning customer

- Teva R. | Cardiff By the Sea, CA | 12/7/2014

Great product selection, including nice quantity of sale items. Easy checkout. Overall very good online retailer.

- Mike M. | Lafayette, LA | 12/7/2014

Good selection,great website,fast shipping and competitive pricing!

- Bruce W. | Hillsborough, NC | 12/6/2014

Staff is extremely helpful!

- Kim K. | Roanoke, VA | 12/4/2014

Love your product offering. Looking forward to receiving my first order!

- Jennifer G. | Basehor, KS | 10/20/2014

My order was fulfilled promptly and accurately. A pleasure to order from this company- will do so again in the future.

- Steven W. | Margate, FL | 9/20/2014

Informative video of the product which can be used as a substitute for instore purchase for people who have not time to go to the store.

- Jon C. | Miramar, FL | 8/16/2014

As always, best prices for great products!

- Richard W. | St. Louis, MO | 8/11/2014

I really liked the items on your site and will return to it - esp. around Christmas!!!

- Jessica L. | Succasunna, NJ | 8/2/2014

Excellent website design, best prices on the net, large selection of skates, extremely good customer service (I used the chat today), very helpful with narrowing down a pair of skates. I will shop here again.

- Jesse T. | Duluth, GA | 7/16/2014

Great customer service. I bought my skates and paid for two day shipping because they were shipping out of my city they delivered within two days and didn't charge me the added shipping charges. Definity will recommend

- Dawn A. | | 7/15/2014

Thanx a lot. You guys have a great array of products, and Rollerblades to choose from. Even though I live in California, we don't have any stores near by. So I came here. You had the best prices anywhere on the web, plus Free Shipping! Thank You very much

- Joao M. | La Puente, CA | 7/12/2014

This is my first experience purchasing Rollerblades and I'm very pleased and impressed with the overall experience. Packaging was great, product is awesome and looking forward to best utilize the summer time with my new rollerblades.

- Abby K. | Olathe, KS | 6/26/2014

Great site, great prices.

- David H. | Fairview Park, OH | 5/20/2014

I wasn't going to buy the top, but the free shipping won me over. Thanks for having the best price I could find!

- Elyssa F. | Costa Mesa, CA | 5/13/2014

Easy purchase.

- Travis H. | Eau Claire, WI | 5/6/2014

Great site, great prices.

- David H. | Fairview Park, OH | 5/20/2014

I wasn't going to buy the top, but the free shipping won me over. Thanks for having the best price I could find!

- Elyssa F. | Costa Mesa, CA | 5/13/2014

Easy purchase.

- Travis H. | Eau Claire, WI | 5/6/2014

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