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So you’ve finally picked out the perfect tent. You’re all set right? Well, how about some insurance for that brand new piece of equipment you just spent so much time picking out? Nothing’s worse than packing up after a long relaxing weekend only to find a tear in your brand new tent’s floor, because you set up in a less than suitable spot filled with sticks, branches and rocks. The reality is, most sites don’t consist of soft fluffy grass or a nice bed of leaves, but rather things that could potential damage your tent. A footprint is your tool to fight against this!..Read More


What is a Footprint?

A footprint is a piece of strong coated nylon fabric that is shaped specifically to match the floor of your model of tent. Footprints are placed between your tent floor and the ground and act as a barrier between your tent and damaging elements.They are incredibly durable, pack small, are lightweight, and hook into the poles of your tent to keep it in place. Some tents come with footprints, while with most it’s an add on that’s well worth it.

Why Use a Footprint?

As we pretty much already covered, the main purpose of a footprint is that it provides a layer between your tent floor and the ground. This extends the life of your tent immensely, because while a good tent floor should be fairly durable it still will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Sticks, rocks and any other sharp objects can easily puncture the floor of your tent exposing you directly to the elements. Think about when you move around in your tent. You’re essentially rubbing the tent floor on the ground. With a footprint, you don’t have that direct friction with the ground as you’re only coming into contact with the footprint and not the ground.

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