Sunglasses Shopping Tips - You’re probably thinking “whoa there camping site why do you have so many sunglasses?” Well, we believe it is absolutely imperative to have a great pair of sunglasses when you are outside as the sun is a formidable element which can definitely take its toll on your eyes. Not only do sunglasses protect your from the sun but they can also keep bugs out of your eyes and protect you from any type of debris heading towards your baby blues. We have made it super easy to narrow down your search for sunglasses by using the left side of the pages navigation...Read More


Let’s explain how searching sunglasses at is a simple and easy process...

Shop Sunglasses by Brand

We stock sunglasses from many top brands including Oakley, Ray-Ban, Revo, Smith, Dragon and many more. If you are specific to only one or a few brands we make it real easy for you to shop for sunglasses with only these brands selected. On the left of the page you will see a box titled “By Brand” and in this box is all the brands of sunglasses we stock. Here you can select one or more brands. Say you only want to shop for Oakley sunglasses; once you select Oakley the page will refresh and will only show you Oakley sunglasses. If you want to add another brand to that selection and see only Oakley and Smith Sunglasses simply add Smith to the selection once the page refreshes.

Shop Sunglasses by Gender

Yes, there absolutely is a difference between men’s and women’s sunglasses. From the shape to the color sunglasses are definitely different for men and women. To shop only men’s or women’s select your choice in the “By Gender” category and the page will refresh with only your selection of sunglasses whether it is men’s or women’s.

Shop Sunglasses by Color

Have a certain color of sunglass you just love or think looks great on you? No problem we stock a great selection of colorful sunglasses and make it easy for you to shop one or more colors at a time. In the “By Color” box you can select one or more colors of sunglasses and be shown only models in those colors or predominately those colors. Once you select say red, you will only be shown sunglasses in red or mostly red. If you want to see red and blue sunglasses simply select red first and wait for the page to refresh, once refreshed with only red you can select blue and so on.

Shop Sunglasses by Frame Shape

We all have a favorite style of sunglasses whether it is aviators, rimless, butterfly or any other frame shape. Choosing one or more of these styles in the “Frame Shape” box on the left of the page will only show you sunglasses that are that frame shape. You can select one or more, simply wait for the page to refresh once you select one and then select another.

Shop Sunglasses by Frame Material

This one is an easy one, do you like metal sunglasses or plastic sunglasses. We stock a great deal of both styles and you can easily shop all of each style by selecting either metal or plastic in the “Frame Material” box on the left of the page.

Shop Sunglasses With or Without Polarized Lenses

The last but very much not least selection box is “Polarized Lenses” and here you can select either yes or no to shop sunglasses with polarized lenses or those without.

Now with all these refinement abilities while shopping sunglasses you can really narrow down your choice to exactly the type of sunglasses you’re looking. Now you stay classy sunglass enthusiasts!

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