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Just because you are camping doesn’t mean you need to wake up with a crick in your back from sleeping on a rock all night. CampGear.com has a variety of sleeping gear to make sure you are properly outfitted for a good night’s sleep. Our sleeping gear category includes sleeping bags, sleeping pads, bivy sacks, cots, mattresses, hammocks, and sleeping gear accessories. Now some of the sleeping gear available on CampGear.com is pretty basic gear, but other items are designed for serious campers and backpackers.

Sleeping Bags

If you are looking for sleeping bags you will find a range of products designed for everything from backyard sleepovers to sub zero winter camping. To make it easy to find the perfect bag CampGear.com allows you to filter the results by temperature rating, shape, insulation type, and weight amongst other filter options.

Sleeping Pads, Cots and Mattresses

In addition to a sleeping bag, your collection of sleeping gear should include a sleeping pad, cot or mattress. Sleeping pads are small mats or inflatable mini air mattresses that are roughly the size of a sleeping bag. Sleeping pads are designed for backpackers who don’t want to sleep directly on the ground but can’t carry a heavy cot. Cots or mattresses are great options for campers who are staying in a camp ground. Cots or mattresses make sleeping much more comfortable.


Hammocks are great pieces of sleeping gear for all campers to have. CampGear.com has many styles of lightweight hammocks available for the avid backpacker in addition to hammock shelters and bug screens. Hammocks can be used like additional pieces of camping furniture or as sleeping gear if the ground is too wet or rugged to pitch a tent and sleep comfortably.

Bivy Sacks

Some campers might not be familiar with bivouac sacks or bivy sacks for short. Bivy sacks are basically like little cocoons for sleeping bags. Originally bivy sacks were created for rock and mountain climbers who wanted lightweight emergency weather protection for their sleeping bags during multi-day ascents on big walls. These climbers typically don’t carry tents with them as they try to minimize the load of their sleeping gear.

So to sum it up, who uses bivy sacks? People who:

• Frequently travel alone in the backcountry.

• Rock or Mountain climb routes that require more than a single day to complete.

• Camp during long-distance bike trips.

• Are seriously concerned with overall pack weight.

• Don't mind sleeping in snug spaces.

Don’t forget to round out your collection of sleeping gear with some sleeping accessories. You wouldn’t take to the woods with your king sized down feather bed pillow, would you? No, it would get ruined. Pick up a backpacking pillow that is designed for sleeping outdoors. Check out the Sleeping Accessories page to see what other cool items you can add to your camping sleeping gear.

Hopefully this and the rest of the buying and sizing guides on CampGear.com will help you pick out the right sleeping gear for you. If you need a hand please use our Live Chat or contact customer service to speak with one of our sleeping gear experts.

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