Sleeping Accessories

The sleeping accessories you’ll find here are mainly packable pillows and sleeping bag liners. These accessories are going to offer you a bit of simple luxury and an incredible ease of use. These simple luxuries offer a great piece of mind while camping and can really give you an edge when it comes to getting a good night sleep...Read More


What makes a packable pillow so special? Well, a packable pillow is the ideal sleeping accessory as it cushions your head at night keeping you safely off the ground and it packs easily away in your backpack while travelling. Packable pillows are typically a mixture of an air bladder and memory foam which enables it to pack so small. These pillows are also made of micro brushed washable fabric making them easy to clean and comfortable to lie on without an encasing cover.

Sleeping Bag Liners - Sleeping bag liners are often overlooked but if you are an avid camper you should definitely have one of these in your gear arsenal. A sleeping bag liner is much more than just an additional piece of equipment; it truly is a need to have sleeping accessory. We can explain in greater detail below just why sleeping bag liners are so important.

• Sleeping bag liners keep your sleeping bag cleaner and in better shape due to fewer washes. Even the most expensive and technology adapted sleeping bags can begin to wear after many washes. Having this liner helps you keep your sleeping bag cleaner meaning you will not have to wash the bag as often. The sleeping bag liners themselves are washable and their materials are much less susceptible to damage due to excessive washes.

• Repel the bugs away with most sleeping bag liners. These liners have a built in repellant for bugs so you won’t have to worry about any pesky mosquitoes, flies, fleas or ticks getting on you during your sleep. The repellant is invisible and odorless so don’t worry about any funky looks or smells.

• Sleeping bag liners adapt very well to different weather and temperatures making them great all season long. If the weather is really warm you can actually use the liner alone and sleep in it as if it were an actual sleeping bag.

• Sleeping bag liners are made form moisture wicking material like Coolmax which helps you maintain your temperature by wicking unwanted moisture away.

As you can see sleeping bag liners really do offer a lot of necessary convenience especially for those that camp a lot and don’t want to overdo the washing of their sleeping bags. Keep cool, keep bug free and keep comfortable with a sleeping bag liner added to your gear.

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