Skin Care

Skin Care Shopping Tips - When we pack for a trip we often spend most of our time deciding what we’re going to wear or what equipment we’re going to be using, however much less time is spent on what we’re going to put on our skin. Not protecting our skin can easily turn a leisurely weekend trip outdoors into a painful, sometimes with long lasting effects. So how can we protect ourselves and still do everything we want to do? The answer is by choosing the appropriate skincare for our activities, all which is found in our skin care selection...Read More



Sunscreen is probably one of the first things you would think of using to protect your skin. However out selection may look a bit different than what you might find in your local drug store. We carry sunscreen designed with the active customer in mind often waterproof or resistant which isn’t uncommon to find, however we carry sunscreens that tend to be packable, environmentally friendly, and found in sticks or salves so that they are easier to apply and are not greasy.

Winter Sunscreen

You think about protection from the sun in the summer, but what about the winter? Here at campgear.com, we’re also avid skiers and snowboarders and protecting our skin from the sun in the winter is just as important. We carry winter sticks that are easy to apply with gloves on and are not messy so that you can pop some more on during a ride on the chairlift. These also tend to be water resistant as well.

Healing Salves

When we explore unprotected hands take some of the most abuse on our bodies. Using a healing salve can moisturize our hands and heal calluses. It can also treat dry chapped skin, chafing and cuts or abrasions. Climbers will love the relief from chalk that salves can provide, but your average hiker can also benefit from its healing powers.

Lip Balm

Throw away your cheap drugstore chapstick and get something that can actually help heal or protect your lips. Whether you’re looking to sooth burnt lips in the summer, or protect or heal chapped lips on your next ski trip, we’ve got lip balm that will keep your lips happy on your next adventure. Shop our selection of lip balm in our skin care section pack with various flavors and kinds.

So when you’re packing for your next trip, think about your first layer of apparel, your skin! The better you protect it, the more you’ll enjoy your trip and the more you’ll be able to do while you’re on your trip. Your body does a lot of things for you when you hike, camp or boat. Make sure you repay the favor and do a little something for it too!

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