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Sizing Guide for Sleeping Pads


By Steve Kopitz


Sleeping pads work great as an insulator between the ground and your sleeping bag but it’s imperative to correctly size a sleeping pad to get all the added benefits.




Having a sleeping pad that fits your legs and feet will help to insulate while giving you great support and comfort not found when sleeping on the bare ground. Sleeping pads are typically either sized as regular (72” long) and long (between 75”-78”). Some pads will be sized as short or ¾ length and will be between 47”-48”; these shorter styles work great for backcountry as they will pack away smaller and lighter.




A sleeping pad should be at least as wide as your hips and shoulders. Most sleeping pads are a regular length of 20” but you can find larger models between 25” and 40”. Obviously the larger pads will not pack down as small.


Womens Specific Pads


These pads offer a bit more insulation in the hips and feet similar to a womens specific sleeping bag. You will find these sleeping pads a bit shorter around 66” so if you are a taller woman it may be advised to go with a mens.


Sleeping Pad Shapes


To keep up with the differing shapes available in sleeping bags there is different shapes available in sleeping pads. Whether you buy the sleeping pad first, second or simultaneously with the sleeping bag it’s best to keep these the same shape. Sleeping pads are available in rectangular, semi rectangular and mummy and will mimic the shape of those style sleeping bags.


Now you have all the knowledge necessary to select the proper sleeping pad! Having a sleeping pad and properly sizing it can give you great comfort and additional warmth so check out our great selection of sleeping pads today!




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