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Size Chart for Hammocks


By Steve Kopitz

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Brand Model Capacity Weight Capacity
ENO (Eagle's Nest Outfitters) Single Nest 1 person 400 lbs.
  Pro Nest 1 person 400 lbs.
  Double Nest 2 persons 400 lbs.
  Double Deluxe 2 persons 400 lbs.
Grand Trunk Nano 7 1 person 300 lbs.
  All Terrain Hybrid 1 person 400 lbs.
  Single Parachute 1 person 400 lbs.
  Double Parachute 2 persons 400 lbs.
Hammock Bliss Single 1 person 350 lbs.
  Double 2 persons 350 lbs.
  Triple 3 persons 350 lbs.
Hennesy Hammock Expedition Asym 1 person 250 lbs.


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