Pet Gear

General Pet Gear Information - It’s hard to leave the dog at home when you head out for a hike or take a weekend camping trip. You’d love to bring them along but the bowls and beds will add on too much weight and take up way too much space.


Well, there are plenty of options out there for you to consider so you can take your best bud on your next adventure. These lightweight, compactable options are created for the rugged outdoors...Read More


Dog Beds

Unlike the bed sitting in the corner that is awkward to move and weighs about twenty pounds, many of the dog beds available for camping are lightweight and can fold down to fit in a small stuff sack.

These beds are usually insulated, water-resistant and quick drying so your dog won’t be cold or uncomfortable because of the ground the bed is resting on. Water-retention is minimal and some even offer stakes that you can use to secure the bed down.

Dog Bowls

Whether its water or food, your every day dog bowl can be big and, once your dog takes to it, very slobbery. With Dog Bowls designed for camping you’ll have a small, compact and lightweight (usually around 2 ounces) option.

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