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Mens Outdoor Clothing Shopping Tips

Having a variety of mens outdoor clothing can ensure that you are covered in any camping situation. A complete collection of outdoor clothing includes shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, hats, and possibly swimwear; in addition to footwear. It is important to invest in quality mens outdoor clothing, as the higher quality pieces are typically are made from more technical fabrics which will keep you protected from the elements.

Technical Fabrics found on men's outdoor clothing - Many of the shirts, shorts and pants available on CampGear.com are made from technical fabrics that are quick drying or moisture wicking. These materials make the clothing more comfortable to wear camping or hiking than traditional cotton shirts or jeans. These articles of mens outdoor clothing are especially useful in colder conditions when getting and staying damp or wet can cause hypothermia to set in.

Bug Shield Clothing - For campers who don’t like to use bug spray, Columbia has an entire collection of mens outdoor clothing called Bug Shield. The Bug Shield mens outdoor clothing has insect blockers integrated directly into the clothing. The Bug Shield clothing helps protect against a variety of biting insects. Certainly it will only be a matter of time before someone invents Poison Ivy Proof pants.

Shell Jackets - Regardless of the climate it is a good idea to pack a jacket for camping. CampGear.com has a selection of shell jackets, soft shell jackets, and fleece jackets to give you the option to choose the most appropriate jacket for your camping adventures. Shell or soft shell jackets are good for wet climates as they are typically made from waterproof materials and shed water. Soft shell jackets are made from a stretch type material and don’t restrict mobility. Fleece jackets are great for adding some additional insulation if the temperature drops. Since fleece is generally made from polyester fibers it will help in a very light rain, however it will become soaked in a heavy down pour and can be slow to dry. It is important to check the weather conditions before each camping trip to determine which type of jacket will be more appropriate mens outdoor clothing to have with you.

Swimwear - Swimwear may or may not be appropriate to bring on your camping trip. If you are hiking near a lake or river then you will certainly want a bathing suit. However, depending on the proximity of your camp site to water swimwear might not be necessary, unless you are sheepish about using the shower facilities.

Camp and Backpack Footwear - In addition to packing your mens outdoor clothing you will want to have proper footwear. For backpacking or rugged hiking it is highly recommended to wear hiking boots or trail shoes. These types of shoes will provide you with appropriate traction and support for varied terrain. If your camping adventures lead you to water, you may want to have a pair of water shoes with you as riverbeds can be rocky and uneven. If you are car camping at the state park trail shoes are more than appropriate. Additionally, as beaches or swimming areas are more likely to be maintained, sandals may be more appropriate than water shoes as you can easily wear most sandals in the showers and they can quickly be slipped on for midnight outhouse trips.

Hopefully this and the rest of the buying and sizing guides on CampGear.com will help you pick out the right mens outdoor clothing for you. If you need a hand please use our Live Chat or contact customer service to speak with one of our mens outdoor clothing experts.

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