I’ll admit it, I used to be a little old fashion myself when it came to some of the navigation gear I used. Until a year or two ago, packing a map or a book that laid out my hike or river trip ahead always made sense. It’s simple and reliable right? But why live in the stone-age? Books and maps are great for planning a trip out at home or in the car, but when you’re out in the field, packing a book can be cumbersome and can easily get wet, muddy or torn causing it to become unreadable. And what about the things a map can’t tell you? Like the weather, your positioning, or your exact elevation at that point?...Read More


These are all things that can be very helpful when you backpacking or camping out of your boat. That’s why we recommend you check out our selection of electronics. We carry both GPS and weather devices that can make your next trip easier, and much more efficient.


So these are a little different than the turn by turn by turn device you’ll find in your car at home. While we do have these available for those looking to travel by car, we also have handheld devices great for exploring the outdoors with. While different models vary in their features, hand held GPS units tend to be able to handle the abuse of the outdoors a bit better. They also can be water resistant and some can ever be submersible, which is great for your next river trip. Many of these devices come with software, so that before your trip, you can map out either your trail or river, noting put in points, take out points and maybe even where you plan on camping. You can also map out any area’s you wish to avoid. Some GPS units can tell use your average speed to tell you how long until you will be at these locations as well.You can also use these electronics to track your path, so that if you intent on exploring off the beaten path a bit and need to double back to return you will be headed in the same direction. Compasses, elevation plots and temperature gauges may also be features. One thing to keep in mind when exploring the use of a handheld device is that it may not have turn by turn features. If you are trying to use it for driving as well, you will want to check this ahead of time, as often hand held devices are designed specifically for outdoor use. Make sure you understand what your needs are ahead of time as there are a multitude of features available and you will want to be sure that the features you seek are included in the GPS unit you choose.

Weather Devices

Weather devices are another form of electronics that can aid you on your adventure. They can help you measure things like wind chill, temperature, water temperature, snow temperature, wind speed and gust, and some even have Bluetooth capabilities for uploading information to your laptop or phone. These vary in durability as well as weight and tend to be used in more extreme conditions. Some are waterproof, float and are even drop-proof, insuring that as rugged as your adventure may be, a little water or dirt won’t stop your gear. Shop all the different features and benefits available each designed with different needs in mind. Our selection of weather devices found in our electronics category is sure to get you out on your next trip safely and more efficiently.

So before your next trip, take a look at how carrying electronics can take the place of fumbling with a map or book and can also give you more information. Carrying weather devices or GPS units can help you get to where you need to be more effectively so that you can enjoy your adventure safely.

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