Cots & Mattresses

Sleeping on the ground can leave you with a sore back which is why it is so nice to have a quality cot or mattress when camping. The mattresses and cots are often used for the occasional camper or car camper. If you’re in the market for a cot or mattress just remember that someone is going to have to lug this stuff around and that person may be you...Read More


Air Mattresses - The Air Mattress offers a very comfortable way to sleep outdoors. They are thicker than foam pads and are often very easy to inflate with the proper pump. You’ll mostly use these as a car camper when you are relatively close to your vehicle or have a guest staying in your house.

You’ll want to use Air Mattresses in mild conditions because there isn’t any insulation. A downside to Air Mattresses is it does have the possibility of being punctured or springing a leak.

Some Air Mattresses are designed for when the kids have a sleepover, some are designed to take some wear-and-tear that the outdoors can dish out. When you’re buying an Air Mattress take a look at price, size, weight capacity and how to inflate/deflate.

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