Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning Accessories


Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to be dirty. We’re not going to hold you down and give you a bath but we will supply you with the necessary cleaning accessories for camping. Let’s touch on some of the cleaning basics we can supply to you for your camping or backpacking adventure. All these camp cleaning accessories are going to be easily packable and lightweight so you don’t have to worry about weight and space...Read More


Camp Showers

Yes, you can shower while camping and it is easier and more inexpensive than you think. Camp showers are small packable sacks that can easily hang from a tree or high hanging apparatus. The camp shower sack heats up the water naturally from the sun and gives you warm water in a matter of minutes. Once you have the camp shower full and ready to your desired temperature you can simply open the valve and voila! You have a camp shower which will get you clean and feeling refreshed.

Kitchen Camp Sinks

When you are cooking at the camp you end up with some yucky and dirty cookware so then what? Are you going to wash them in the river, the lake? Why not invest in an inexpensive camp sink and you can easily wash your dishes when needed and even use it to cleanse your hands and face. Camp sinks are essentially large packable buckets that will hold water.

Drylite and Tek Towels

For camping towels and washcloths you will want an easily packable towel that dries easily. We stock many different sizes of these camp towels which will aid in many tasks from drying off after a shower to drying dishes after washing them. These camp towels are going to be soft, absorbent and more importantly easy to pack up small. These camp towels are also constructed of fast drying materials so once they are used you can hang them and they will dry easily.

Wilderness Washes

This is a camp cleaning accessory that is often overlooked. These washes come in small packages that are easily packed away and these packages are secure so you won’t open your pack to a soapy, sudsy mess. The wilderness washes are also environmentally friendly and super concentrated so you don’t need to use a lot to get a lot done. These washes can be used for dishes, showering, laundering and anything else you need them for.

As you can see there are many cleaning accessories for camping, what there isn’t is any reason to be dirty while camping. Keep yourself and all your camping gear clean with the help of all these cleaning accessories from campgear.com.

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