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Light and Lantern Shopping Tips


Light is imperative to camping and once it gets dark unless you plan on making epic torches you are going to want a supply of lights and lanterns. The most common lights used while camping are headlamps, lanterns and of course the good old flashlight. There are different ups and downs for each type of lights and lanterns from the type of use they work best for to the functions each will accomplish...Read More


Best Uses for Headlamps

Many who receive their first headlamp wonder how they lived without it shortly after the first use. Headlamps are basically flashlights for your head; wherever your head points there will be light. Headlamps are great for many reasons but mostly they are great when you need light but also need the use of your hands. There are literally hundreds of used for headlamps so below are our 3 favorite uses for headlamps:

1. Gathering Firewood: Gathering wood is made real easy at night with a headlamp. Simply turn on the headlamp and you’re good to go. Easily carry back firewood while still being able to see in front of you thanks to the headlamp.

2. Checking Weird Noises: We all hear them when we are out in the woods camping or backpacking. It’s great to just throw the headlamp on your head for the night and be able to quickly turn it on and point it in the direction of the noise. Not only does this make the headlamp useful but it keeps you safer from oncoming predators.

3. Walking the Dog: Holding the leash in one hand and a flashlight in the other leaves you defenseless and completely occupied. Having the headlamp gives you one hand on the leash and one free for whatever you need it for.

Best Uses for Lanterns

Lanterns have come a long way over the years. Although the traditional propane and mantle lanterns are still around and offer great light the new battery and solar powered models are gaining popularity. So when does a lantern come in handy the most? There are many reasons for a lantern so again we picked our top 3 best used for lanterns:

1. Cooking and Food Prep: At night cooking can be a chore but having a powerful lantern makes the process much easier. You can simply set the lantern up where you will be preparing or cooking food and have ample light to safely cook your five course camping meal.

2. Lighting a Common Area: Adding light to a common area away from the fire (if you’re able to have a fire) will give you a common point of interest to put supplies or to keep your bearings as a lighted navigation point if you leave camp for any reason.

3. Attract the Bugs Away: It’s no secret that bugs are attracted to light so putting the lantern a little ways away from where you are hanging out at night will give you a bit of light by the glow of the lantern and the bugs will be attracted away from you.

Best Uses for Flashlights

Flashlights are the good old stand by of camping lighting. Flashlights offer great power consumption and durable and long bulb life. Most campers may own a headlamp and lantern but will also have a flashlight or two as well in their collection. Here are our 3 top uses for a flashlight while camping:

1. Searching for Anything: When a headlamp won’t do you need to turn to a flashlight. Typically flashlights offer a bit more powerful and concentrated beam of light so using them to investigate and search for things is a great use for them.

2. Tent Light: As lanterns can get too hot and cause issues within a tent a flashlight is a great addition to your tent. As most camping flashlights will offer somewhere to hook them to something they can hang in the tent and offer enough light to comfortably see until it’s time for lights out.

3. Backup Safety Light: We have never met a camper that didn’t have at least one spare flashlight handy just in case. If your headlamp dies and your lantern dies you should still have a backup flashlight handy.

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