Having the proper camping accessories in your backpack can make or break a camping trip. In most cases proper camping accessories simply make your time on the trail or at the camp site more enjoyable but in some instances they can save a life.

The following list outlines the basic camping accessories that you should have with you whether you are camping at a camp ground or hiking the Appalachian Trail...Read More


 camping accessories

Camping Accessories

Some of the items on the list above are kind of no brainers. Obviously, if you aren’t planning on hitting the McDonalds for your meals it is important to have a camp stove, fuel, and cooking utensils. Several of the camping accessories companies make sets of packable plates, bowls, cups, and utensils. Individual plates and bowls can also be purchased separately. However, when we mention food we aren’t just talking about your hotdogs and s’mores that you plan on eating for your main meals. It is important to have some emergency food, such as a protein bar or energy gels. These types of food items are quick and easy to eat in a situation where a camper is feeling faint or they are experiencing issues with their blood sugar levels or other health related issues.

Now we know that you have brushed up on your adventure skills by watching Man vs. Wild, but in case you’re not quite up to Bear Grylls’s standards with your survival/MacGyver skills it is important to have a fire starter and a multi tool in your backpack. Multi tools are the Swiss Army Knife of pliers. Multi Tools have a variety of tools that open out from the handles of the pliers. Leatherman is one of the leading manufacturers of multi tools amongst other camping accessories. Some of their tools have dozens of tools including small hammers, saws, screwdrivers, wire cutters, knives, and even bottle openers; so these small tools can come in handy in more ways than you can imagine.

CampGear.com strongly recommends that you carry a First Aid Kit and a Survival Kit on all of your camping adventures. Additionally, CampGear.com strongly recommends that you take a First Aid and CPR course before camping or hiking. For more information about these critical camping accessories please read through the Buying Guide for First Aid Kits and the Buying Guide for Survival Kits.

For those campers who are backpacking or packing in to a more remote camp site, you should consider these additional camping accessories.

camping accessories 

Portable showers are available for longer trips away from the amenities of a camp ground – like running water. Additionally, Water Treatment Kits are very important on these types of excursions in the event that you need to purify drinking water. You never know when inclement weather may set in so weather tracking devices and dry bags can be critical camping accessories. Dry bags are water proof bags designed for kayaking and boating. Campers you can store clothing and gear in them to make sure their gear remains dry in even the wettest conditions.

Hopefully this and the rest of the buying and sizing guides on CampGear.com will help you pick out the right camping accessories for you. If you need a hand please use our Live Chat or contact customer service to speak with one of our camping accessories experts.

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