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Buying Guide for Pet Gear



It’s hard to leave the dog at home when you head out for a hike or take a weekend camping trip. You’d love to bring them along but the bowls and beds will add on too much weight and take up way too much space.


Well, there are plenty of options out there for you to consider so you can take your best bud on your next adventure. These lightweight, compactable options are created for the rugged outdoors.


Dog Beds


Unlike the bed sitting in the corner that is awkward to move and weighs about twenty pounds, many of the dog beds available for camping are lightweight and can fold down to fit in a small stuff sack.


These beds are usually insulated, water-resistant and quick drying so your dog won’t be cold or uncomfortable because of the ground the bed is resting on. Water-retention is minimal and some even offer stakes that you can use to secure the bed down.


 Dog Bed for Camping and Backpacking


Dog Bowls:


Whether its water or food, your every day dog bowl can be big and, once your dog takes to it, very slobbery. With Dog Bowls designed for camping you’ll have a small, compact and lightweight (usually around 2 ounces) option.


For water, the bowls are lined with seamless, welded fabric and usually have a no-slip bottom meaning that after your dog starts drinking they won’t tip it over easily or move it all over the muddy ground.


For food, the bowls are similar in style as the water bowls but will have a cinch system to keep the food safe when your dog isn’t eating and so other animals looking for a free meal don’t get their claws into it. You can cinch-close the uneaten portions in the bowl, toss them in your backpack and not worry about it all spilling inside.


The advantage to using bowls like these is that they fold down leaving you with the simple task of putting away something the size of a square envelope into your backpack.


 Dog Bowl


Dog Leashes and Collars:


The Dog Leashes and Collars available camping and hiking are designed to be stronger and better equipped to handle the elements. The ones most people use are great for the dog that hangs around the house, plays in the backyard or sniffs the grass as you take your walks.


The camping leashes have added strength and won’t irritate if it gets wet. They dry quicker and will be water-resistant or waterproof. This will greatly reduce the unfriendly odors and bacteria that may accompany a dog that decides to play in the stream to cool down.


Most collars will also have reflective properties to help see the dog while in the dark.

 dog collar


Dog Apparel:


There are a couple kinds of apparel for dogs when it comes to the outdoors. You’ll have the jacket meant to keep them warm when their fur just isn’t enough. These jackets are usually softshell that move water, dirt and snow easily off so the dogs can retain their warmth and dryness. These jackets are breathable and won’t constrict mobility.


The other kind of apparel is a cooler. When you’re outdoors in the sweltering heat, these jackets work by soaking the jacket in water, wringing it out and then fastening it on to your dog. The water evaporates slowly allowing the dog to stay cool and comfortable for longer periods of time.



Dog Packs and Harnesses:


Dog Packs help put some of the load onto the dog. You’re not weighing them down with heavy equipment but they can carry their share comfortably. It’s a great place to stash food, bowls or some very light equipment.


Some of the packs also have water bladders or hydration compartments so that you and your dog have easy accessibility to clean water.


It’s best to start with a very light load and gradually build up so they can get used to carrying but they shouldn’t carry more than 25-30% of their body weight.


A dog harness is great for the dog owner who wants to take their pet when their cross-country skiing, longboarding, mountain biking and more. Some have attachments to your body so you can keep control of both your hands and quick release systems if something goes awry. Of course, once you get rolling on your longboard, your dog can keep running and keep you going.



 dog pack

Taking your dog with you on a hiking or camping trip doesn’t have to be challenging. With the products available you’ll have plenty of options for you and your dog that won’t overload your backpack. Utilizing these lightweight and compactable options ensures that you can hit the outdoors and do what you love doing with your favorite little companion alongside.