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Buying Guide for Hammocks


By Steve Kopitz

Hammock Buying Guide


When most people think of hammocks, they think of your traditional white rope hammocks with wooden ends hanging in the backyard on a hammock stand. Using one while camping or hiking just doesn’t come to mind. However, wouldn’t it be nice to bring a light weight packable version along with you for that mid-afternoon break, or place to lounge around the site? How about to camp out of directly? We’ve got a great selection of hammocks made for just that. Packable, light and extremely comfortable, you’ll never think about hammocks the same way again.


How are hammocks different?


So what makes these hammocks different? Well to start they’re not made of ropes, but rather parachute style nylon with carabineers for securing to straps and trees. When stored, this incredibly strong material compresses to about the size of a grapefruit. Are they comfortable? You bet they are. These super breathable and sometimes wicking hammocks contour perfectly to the shape of your body, while providing enough support in that they don’t fold up on you like a cocoon. Care to take it backpacking? Weighing less than a pound, these hammocks are a bit easier to take along with you than your standard backyard hammock. Replace your tent with it and you’ll have an even lighter load!


When would I use a hammock?


There are a few ways in which this style of hammock can really come in handy. Personally, I love setting one up on the campsite for the perfect spot to relax. They’re small enough to throw in the car or even the kayak as nothing beats resting off a day of paddling like a nap in a hammock. At under a pound, they’re great for taking on an extended trip or just a day hike, as you never know just when the perfect resting spot will be found.But what about camping in one?


As a hammock and straps is lighter weight than the majority of even the lighter backpacking tents, some people find that a hammock is simply all they need. Incredibly breathable, you’ll sleep like a baby in these body conforming hammocks that keep you off the hard ground and incredibly comfortable. For those interested in this option, there are bug nets, tarps for cover and even lighting options available. Other additional options include insulating pieces for cooler nights as well as items to help hold your sleeping pad in place. Overall, with hammock camping you can maintain a lot of the functionality of having a tent, while cutting down drastically on weight and packable size.


Are there different features or models?

 Double Hammock

The first thing you might notice is the option of single versus double hammocks. Double hammocks traditionally have an extra two feet or so of material in the width so that both you and a friend can lie comfortably. Single hammocks are a bit narrower and are designed for those who prefer to go solo. A double can also be appropriate for those who want a bit more room as well. Hammocks also vary in weight and setup options such as built in storage sacks, carabineer suspension and sleeping pad sleeves. To the car camper looking for a hammock for leisurely relaxation, weight savings or the extra features may not be necessary, but for those using their hammock in place of a tent, these extras can be crucial. Rest assured (no pun intended), that we have a hammock that will suit your outdoors needs.


Hammock Straps


Would you buy a kayak without a paddle? Then don’t pick up your new hammock with get the appropriate straps. Straps designed specifically for these hammocks make setting up an ease. It’s easy to look at the hammocks we carry and think “Well it’s just a carabineer right? Any old rope should do!” Wrong, the hammock straps we carry are specifically designed for the weight and tension that a hammock will hold. These straps won’t stretch out over time, and by simply looping them around two trees (or other stationary objects) and connecting the carabineers to their secure loops you’ll have your hammock up in no time. These straps also have multiple loops per strap, so you’re sure to find the appropriate tension no matter how far apart your hanging points are.


Well, there you have it. Why not add a hammock to your array of fun packable items great for camping, backpacking or just general leisure. These hammocks make the perfect gift for any outdoors lover, or the perfect toy for yourself. Treat your back well, and take a break right out in the middle of nature.




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