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Buying Guide for Fire Starting Tools


Fire Starter


A fire starting tool for camping used to involve using matches if the weather conditions were favorable or utilizing a flint to get a spark. Through technology though, it has become increasingly easier, quicker and more convenient to get a fire going in all types of weather conditions.


Waterproof Matches:


Waterproof matches are relatively inexpensive and will light in adverse weather conditions or when wet. Most of the time waterproof matches will be windproof, in addition to being waterproof.


They aren’t completely waterproof though. You can usually extinguish them by dousing them in water.


Lighters and Sparkers:


From windproof Zippo lighters to sparkers that all will ignite in some of the worst conditions that you might face on your trip.


The sparkers will generally create a spark hotter than the flame of a match and set fire to a variety of tinder in various conditions.


Lighters and Sparkers are usually one-handed devices that make starting a fire easy, convenient and very quick.




Fire Starter Sticks are tinder for campfires, barbecues and fireplaces. They will ignite instantly with a flame or spark even if they are wet. These are great for when you need a little more to get a fire going than just a spark. They are small and lightweight too.


Additional Fire Starters:


Flints are still out there but they’ve been beefed up to provide easy igniting in all kinds of conditions with all kinds of tinder. Flint or Magnesium Fire Starters will often come covered and secure in a waterproof container so that you don’t have any unintended sparks. Not always though, these Fire Starters may come attached to a lanyard or small chain that also holds their strike bar.


Utilizing these flints can give you a stronger, hotter spark and therefore quicker fires.


The great thing about the latest fire starters is their life capacity. Some Fire Starters will last for up to 4,000 strikes. The variety of Fire Starters out there makes what was once a tedious and time-consuming process easy, convenient and quick.