As there are several different types of camping you can do either solo or with a group or family there are several types of tents to fit these needs. Tents come in many sizes, styles, shapes, materials, weights, etc, etc and all these different options mesh and weld with different lifestyles. A tent lends an outlet for alternative living while enjoying outdoor activities but how do you know what tent is going to work greatest for you? Easy! You need to simply determine a few factors which we will go over here in this post.

You will want to determine what you will be using the tent for, where you will be using the tent and the general size of tent that will fit your needs. First let's cover the three primary types of tents.

There are three primary types or classifications of tents which are three season, four season and family tents. Determining which of these types of tents is going to work for you is a step in the right direction when buying a tent. more...

When purchasing a new tent for camping there are some key elements that go into selecting the proper size. Choosing the proper size in a tent can greatly impact the amount of fun and comfort you have while camping. As there are several different types of actual camping one can do there are also several different methods of measure that can go into sizing a tent. Here we will go over sizing a new tent based on what you will be using it for, amount of people using the tent and overall length and width.

There are many different styles of tents available and here we will talk briefly about the most popular models; backpacking, cabin and dome style tents.

Backpacking Tents - Backpacking tents are going to be the smallest overall as these tents are meant to be minimal to pack down to a small and lightweight package when not in use. These tents are designed to be very lightweight and in this design they offer a small more cozy sleeping area.

Cabin Tents - Cabin style tents are some of the easiest to get in and out of. Cabin tents offer a more vertical design with nearly vertical walls giving them a great amount of headroom. These are great for use as family tents and in some larger models will even offer room dividers to give some privacy within the tent. Cabin tents are great for those who have trouble getting into and out of dome or backpacking tents.

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