Backpack Accessories

Ok, so you’ve spent all this time finding the perfect backpack for your next weeklong trip. You know the proper way to pack it, and you’ve dialed in the fit perfectly. What’s left to do? How about check out our selection of backpack accessories? There are many ways to spruce up your new pack even more, but here are a few that we like to provide.

Rain Covers - We’ve all been there when that beautiful blue day suddenly turns into ominous rain clouds unexpectedly. The stakes however tend to be a bit higher when that that pack on your back...Read More


holds all of your food, gear and clothes for the next few days. So how do you protect your gear? A backpack rain cover of course! While some packs come with a rain cover, often others do not. This is an important thing to check when looking at packs, but can be a great add on or gift. Generally smaller or more inexpensive packs aren’t likely come with one. These tuck away into very small compartments so be sure to verify whether your pack does in fact already have one. Rain covers come in multiple sizes so that they are sure to fit securely around your pack. They generally come with a bungee or drawstring of some sort to insure this tight fit that won’t let rain build up and sit on your pack, or leak through. Traveling at night? Some brands offer a high visibility option which has reflective graphics and patches to add blinker lights to, which makes you easier to spot and adds to your safety. While all these features, getting a good rain cover is just one of your options in our selection of great backpack accessories.

Hydration Bladders - Another good option to have with your backpack is the ability to hold water. If you’re backpack doesn’t come with a bladder, then no sweat, chances are its hydration compatible. What this means is that your backpack generally has a sleeve inside of your pack to hold a bladder and may even have the functionality to hold the hydration tube onto your straps or waist belt. Adding a hydration bladder to your back is a great way to stay hydrated so that you can stay healthy and able to enjoy the adventure you’re on. It also helps you stay hydrated the right way so that you take small consistent sips, rather than chugging a water bottle and getting the fish bowl effect where you can feel the water jostling from side to side. In our backpack accessories selection you will also find items that can help you clean these bladders, insuring that your water stays clean and refreshing trip after trip.

While these are the main categories you will find in our backpack accessories selection, you will also find items like carabineers that simply help you hold more gear. Many backpacks have daisy chains down the front of them and a lightweight carabineer can aid in carrying any additional gear that you want accessible. Of course keep in mind that too much outside gear could snag or cause your pack to shift while hiking so be mindful of what you add. Also take note that many carabineers are not rated for climbing and there for should not be used as a safety device or to hold a large amount of weight. Regardless, these items often come in handy in lots of ways. Shopping our backpack accessories selection is a great way to add even more features to your backpack.

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