General Survival Kit Information - You shouldn’t mess around with your safety so when it comes to an adventure, it’s best carry a survival kit. Most are lightweight and hold the absolute essentials if you find yourself in need of surviving outside the cozy suburban world.


Although a flashlight and some food might be something obvious, below is a few other items included in many Survival Kits as well as reasons you would want to consider them...Read More


Emergency Food Bar – Many will have a multi-year shelf life and will contain a healthy amount of calories in the serving to provide you with extra (or much needed) energy. We highly recommend something like Cliff Bars which are small and quick and easy to eat.

Emergency Water Pouch – This contains drinking water, usually a small amount (4 oz) and has a multi-year shelf life. The packaging helps keep the water safe and drinkable even in extreme temperatures.

Compass – varying in sizes, this will let you know what direction you’re heading in.

Emergency Blanket – Don’t expect any thread counts here, emergency blankets are usually made of a material that reminds me a lot of tin foil. Emergency Blankets utilize reflective properties to contain your body heat helping to keep you warm. Many fold up smaller than a wallet, but can come in very handy in case of an emergency.

Whistle – Anything from a standard whistle to a “Marine” whistle will work just fine. Whistles can be used to signal for help. If you are camping or hiking in a particularly wet environment, you may want to make sure that the whistle you get is waterproof and will still work in all-weather situations.