First Aid

General First Aid Kit Information - When it comes to backpacking and hiking equipment weight matters, so packing the appropriate first aid kit is key. Not all First Aid Kits are the same and, depending on where you are going, with whom you’re going with, and the duration of your adventure, some kits will be way more beneficial than others. You wouldn’t want to take the same kit camping for a week with 10 people as you would if you were day-hiking by yourself...Read More


It is best to pick a medical kit based on the intentions of your trip. If you are car camping at the state park a small first aid kit should be fine. In the event of an emergency park rangers or medical responders may be available and you can always hop in the car and drive to the hospital. If you are taking a month to hike all 2,180 miles of the Appalachian Trail you are probably going to want a more “all inclusive” medical kit as immediate help may not be available.

The following list of situations requires different medical supplies. Some may come in a pre-made kit, but others are items that you may want to purchase separately and add to your kit as necessary.

Personal Protection:

Gloves: Rubber or Latex gloves in a few sizes can be very crucial in protecting the rescuer from infected bodily substances such as vomit or blood while treating the patient.